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Postcolonial Desires

Theatre and Postcolonial Desires

I venture to suggest that it is this shifting conception of identity that carries the greatest promise for realizing what I call “postcolonial desire”- the act of imagining, living and negotiating a social reality based on democracy, cultural pluralism and social justice. It represents a counterpoint to Robert Young’s interpretation of “Colonial Desire”. If “colonial desire” consisted in the drive of epistemologies an representational conventions within European or neo-colonial modernity to seek out and dominate its “Other”, “postcolonial desire” signifies an act of refusal to assume the pasive, static, essentialist identity of that “Other”. Rather, it draws upon the resources of non-formal citizenship to fuel a perpetual act of becoming (Amkpa, 2004: 10).

AMKPA, Awan. Theatre and Postcolonial Desires. Londres: Routledge, 2004.


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